“Building sustainable partnerships with lasting relationships, now and into the future.”

Partnership has its advantages

Our partners benefit with the years of research we’ve invested into the world of patient information, engagement, management, and sharing of records. We provide each of them a unique opportunity to meet their meaningful use needs using industry standard technologies (HL7, API, CCD, CDA, SSL and Direct Protocols) and AMR provides the patient-facing customer-care and support to those using the integrated patient portal.

Pioneers in patient engagement

AMR understands the unique needs of the digital-patient with proven results through our Marketplace and Premium Service offerings. Since 2005, we’ve been providing patients with record-sharing tools, cost-saving conveniences, and essential clinical and educational information that patients want and services they really use.

AMR is the voice of reason when working with patient-centric solutions that truly engage patients and their families. (Image) Click to learn more about Partnership benefits and opportunities! (Link)

World-class integration team support

No matter the level of integration, Channel Partners benefit with exclusive, personal access to our development team leaders, their resources and extensive technical knowledge. This level of access simplifies integration processes and flow, getting projects up-and-running quickly and efficiently.

Partners stay focused

Since AMR’s focus is devoted to the complex world of patient portals (and the patient data- and engagement vehicles they create), our partners are able to focus on their core business efforts and customers. Our dedication to this specific focus within health care technology enables a patient-centric approach that seamlessly enhances partner’s offerings, fulfills compliance needs, while broadening market opportunities and patient engagement efforts for their users.

Proven patient expertise and partnership

AMR Patient Portal Version 2.0, 2014 ONC-HIT Certified Meaningful Use Stage-2, provides for true interoperability, user-enhanced patient dashboard and controls, single-point access to all medical records and bi-directional information flow between multiple doctors and patient. This seamless workflow helps our EHR/EMR partners, their providers and the patients they serve.

Partners Save – No Development Costs

AMR’s solutions are flexible and integrate directly with EHRs/EMRs or via the low-touch "Auto-Create" options for HIEs and Hospitals. In turn, our partners don’t have to take on the financial- and time-burning burdens of creating their own patient portal in-house; or hiring an outside IT firm to do so.

AMR's Channel Partners benefit with knowlege and expertise from pioneers of patient engagement solutions! (Image) Click to learn more about partnership benefits and opportunities with AMR, today! (Link)

At the developer level, we include the API and AMR Web Services to allow for ‘clean’ data-mapping, solid timelines, and cost-saving use of resources on an already-certified patient portal. As a direct result, their customers are able to meet the needs and desires of patients while fulfilling Federal and State mandates, in short order.

Time to market

AMR brings Channel Partners into the patient portal and patient engagement marketplace with certified solutions right now—introducing patients to a fluid patient portal and personal experience. Partners control the pace at which they integrate, allowing for controlled coordination between their marketing and communication efforts timed to the partner’s go-live date. The development is a fraction of the time required to build a portal and typically can be accomplished within a 2 month product EMR release schedule.

Meaningful Use, HIPAA, and Compliance

AMR’s patient portal and patient engagement solutions come to you already certified, compliant, and meeting the stringent privacy and security rules brought by HIPAA.

Our long-standing experience in quality patient interactions, data, and patient-controlled shareability of records is unique among portal providers and we are adamant about compliance and best practices in all forms. This dedication and commitment becomes part of our partner’s resources.

Patient Portals and the advancing stages of Meaningful Use, HIPAA, and other compliance mandates. (Image)

The Revenue Model

AMR offers a unique revenue model to its partners and their networks, allowing what would typically be a cost-center to become a revenue-generator. For more details about our products and services, please contact us via the Contact Us page or by calling our Sales Team at 561-443-5508.