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"Data synergy and Meaningful Use for patient engagement and population health."

More sustainability in patient portals.

AMR's ability to furnish a unified portal experience to the end-user (the patient) encourages continued and escalating use. Whether their needs arise out of crisis, wellness and prevention, or the role of assigned patient representative—patients and users soon learn that the AMR Patient Portal quickly and easily provides them with the tools and resources to meet their individual situations.

We believe our insight and patient-centric commitment translates into higher usage potential and an increased volume and quality of data-capture. All of which are essential, scalable components to population health initiatives, patient engagement goals, and meaningful use measures.

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Meaningful Use Stage 2 and beyond.

In other areas, we've already mentioned that AMR's solutions allow access and sharing of all medical records for the patient—effectively solving the problem of 'disconnected care' at industry and consumer levels.

Standards-based, we also support advanced sharing capabilities with extended, patient-driven services designed to: Meet their diverse needs; Keep their interest; Offer conveniences designed for everyday-life; And, educate and empower them with permission-based controls and settings.

AMR's solutions allow patients a full range-of-motion for securely receiving and disseminating their own health data.


Our commitment to you, the EHRs/EMRs, Channel Partners, HIEs, Hospitals and the Digital-Age Patient:

"As the nation navigates the advanced Stages of Meaningful Use, AMR will provide solutions that best inform, engage, and aggregate data to benefit all participants: securely and consistently."