“Sharable patient records between patients, multiple providers, hospitals, and responders.”

Premium Services expands on the base AMR Patient Portal's Meaningful Use capabilities with additional features resulting in the most feature rich, robust and sharable patient portal available today.

Make Smart Choices.

Selecting the right partner for your customer's engagement goals is crucial. Recognizing where the burdens of the practice end and the portal begin are essential. The following information highlights combined offering with additional benefits for the patient and scalable options for the practice—each tailored from the natural behaviors, expectations and unique needs of both.

Essential health advantages and sharing controls for patients.

Premium Services allows patients helpful and specific user-controls and permission-sets for sharing your health records, labs, test results, imagery, and more. Premium Services is equipped with an Emergency Documents and Archive feature—allowing patients to build, store, and access critical information at a moments notice. Additionally, Premium Services Members have the ability to receive documents from all of their healthcare providers, no matter the insurance program or medical affiliation.

A single location for all care documentation.

All of your providers under a single patient portal that you control and share with the providers and caretakers that you choose. Secure, any time access 24/7.


Overview of benefits for patients with Premium Services...For less than the cost of a co-pay!

Engaging Patients

  • Patient Education Videos
  • Condition-specific Library
  • Drug Information Center
  • Online Blood Lab Ordering
  • Medical I.D. Jewelry
  • On-the-go Pharmacy Locator
  • AccessID Mobile Phone App
  • Personal Health Reminders & Notices
  • Practice-to-Patient Notifications
  • Bill-Pay Options and Statements

Empowering Patients

  • Manage All of Your Doctors
  • Add Multiple Emergency Contacts
  • Controls & Settings to Share Records
  • Issue Provider PassCode Authorizations
  • Permit Multi-Provider Record Uploads
  • Multi-EHR/EMR Clinical Record Upload
  • Medical Portfolio Access & Overviews
  • Bonus: Emergencies! Digital File Cabinet
  • Bonus: Optional Enrollment in Nurseline
  • Bonus: Optional VPI Pet Insurance
  • Free | Prescription Discount Program

Member Kit Includes

  • Durable AccessID Purse/Wallet Card
  • All-Weather AccessID Key/Travel Tag
  • AccessID Prescription Discount Card
  • Emergency Notification Window Decals
  • I.C.E. Program (In Case of Emergency)
  • Account Summary with Contacts
  • Welcome Letter and Overview
  • Events/Promos* Calendar (*as available)
  • AccessID Newsletter