About Us

"Patient portal solutions to engage, educate, inform and measure."

Industry Pioneers

Access My Records, Inc. (AMR) is in its 11th year of success and innovation! By providing patient-centric health record management solutions and online technology from day one, AMR offers partners and patients unique insight and benefit from experience.

Our steady growth and leading edge technologies benefit patients and providers. Equally important are the clear and immediate benefits to our Channel Partners, including: EHR/EMR software companies, hospitals, HIEs and hardware manufacturers.

Our Committment

Access My Record’s leadership has long recognized the vision behind healthcare reform, patient engagement, and the evolving trends and metrics of today’s patient.

With shared vision and long-term goals, AMR will continue to develop advanced patient portal solutions with patent-pending technologies to meet both the compliance and practical needs of our channel partners, the digital-age patient and the healthcare providers and facilities that serve them.

Meeting demands of the digital-age patient with flexible solutions for our channel partners.

Our solutions emphasize advanced thinking, ease-of-use, and interoperability in support of evolving needs of the industry. In 2005, AMR began offering an online, comprehensive Personal Health Record (PHR) service. The technology behind the PHR was ahead of its time─its concept rooted in the idea that all patients should be able to access and share their medical records with anyone in their healthcare continuum.

Today, AMR is a leading provider of advanced patient portal solutions using API’s for integrated environments through partnerships with EHR/EMR software companies.  For non-integrated environments, hospitals, HIEs and doctor’s not using EHR software, AMR provides a “low-touch” solution to “auto-create” a patient portal originated from standardized HL7 patient documents (structured CCDs or unstructured CDAs) sent via Secure and Direct Messaging Protocols.  AMR’s ONC 2014 Certified patient portal provides a modern and easy-to-use access of patient data, enabling patients to have an organized view of their health information from all of the independent contributing sources.



We Solve the Connectivity Gap

Our combined offerings answer the “build or buy” dilemma facing EHRs/EMRs, hospitals and HIEs. For each of them, we solve the patient data ‘connectivity gap’ fostered by the legacy systems they may use, often resulting in data silos with limited patient data access.

In addition, we realize the unique, ever-changing needs and desires of the digital-age patient. To this, we offer the patient-facing solution and support that they have come to expect and that our partners can rely on.

Premier providers of advanced patient portals

We have focused our technology and development on delivering solutions that balance innovative technology with market demands and compliance mandates. And do so in a surprisingly cost effective way.